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Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping (2004)
Workshop and Local Activism-Walmart Silent Protest
Dr. Melissa Wright Associate Professor of Geography (2003)
Women on the Mexican Border: Femecidio, Maquilas and Globalization
Dr. Jacqueline Toribio Professor of Spanish Lingüistics
Workshop: Dominican Republic Culture and Language (2003)
Forum: Latinos in the US (2004)
Norma Nieves-Blas and Lizette Rios-Williams (2004)
Women´s Health, Domestic Violence and Public Policy-NYC
Rubén Dávila Olano Poet, Performance Artist, Educator-Perú
Public Reading and Poetry Workshop (2005)
Dr. Santiago Vaquera
Scholar-Latino/Chicano/Latin American Culture (2003, 2005)
Creative Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer, Visual Artist, Photographer
Women, Culture, and Diversity:
Mexico, India, Bulgaria, Russia,Afro-American (1995)
(Roselyn Costantino, Soma Sonyal, Marietta Staneva,
Irene Hurd, Harriet Gaston)