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Courses Authored and Taught at PSU

Latina Feminisms (co-authored with Jane Juffer)
The Body in Art across Cultures (co-authored and taught with Laurencio Carlos Ruiz)
Integrative Arts: Performance, Culture, and Identity
Latin American and Latina Women Writers in Translation
Latin American and Latina Women Writers, Artists and Filmmakers
Latin America Through Popular Culture and Mass Media
Latin American Film
Body and Soul:Women Creators of the Americas (syllabus)
Teatro y Performance en América Latina (syllabus)

Latin American Women Dramatists and Performance Artists 

Established Courses Taught at the Penn State University
Women and Their Worlds: Women Writers of the Americas (syllabus)
Issues in Contemporary Latin America
Readings in Latin American Culture and Civilization
Ibero-American Culture and Civilization
Mexican Culture and Civilization (in Puebla, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Mexico)
Contemporary Spain (in San Sebastian, Spain)
Mexican Theater
Elementary and Intermediate Spanish Language
Intermediate, Advanced, and Intense Grammar and Composition
Intermediate and Advanced Conversation

Spanish American Drama and Performance
Mexican Theater