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It was Wednesday, September 22, the sun was shining and it was an unseasonably warm day. But of course, when I needed to walk to the Electrical Engineering West building for my THON interview the sky turned black and it was about to downpour. I finally found the building and sought refuge inside. I scrambled to the nearest bathroom and changed into my "business casual" attire. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe I was about to have my first college interview. I was interviewing for the special events committee. The special events committee organizes the THON 5k and Family carnival. Members on this committee also help create and set up the THON museum and participate in running concession stands during THON Weekend. However, the special events committee is the smallest committee in THON and most of others getting interviewed were sophomores, juniors, and seniors. What chance did a freshman like me have anyways? I nervously waited outside and then suddenly I heard my name called along with two others.

The three of us were seated in a circle and the two interviewers asked us a series of questions. The first question was "What is your biggest strength and weakness?" I realized these weren't going to be extremely challenging questions, but still required a lot of thought. I decided I wanted to answer the question first, I was already at a disadvantage being the youngest and I didn't want to seem shy or intimidated. I said my biggest strength was that I am very organized and always on top of my work and have good time management. I said my biggest weakness was my tendency to get stressed out easily. The two other girls had similar responses, so I was glad I went first. The next series of questions weren't too challenging and I felt confident with my answers. Overall, I was proud of myself for going out on a limb and trying to get involved with such a huge event at Penn State. I find out on October 3rd whether or not I get the position, so until then....



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