Transpersonal Humanism Defined

Transpersonal: trans = beyond; personal = the individual. Humanism: inextricably bound to human nature and thereby linked to individual human experience. Transpersonal Humanism: captures the paradox of human existence, which is both personal, private and subjective and yet inextricably bound to the social and natural environment in which we live. Transpersonal Humanism as a ideal and a doctrine is committed to a holistic approach to human understanding. It examines the common ground underlying the sciences and the humanities for the specific purpose of comprehending the means by which we may not only optimize individual and social life, but also the well being of our natural environment.

This blog reflects my past and ongoing efforts toward enhancing my sense of meaning in life; meaning in both my personal and professional experience: that is, as a human being and as a scholar. In many ways, I am very much a product of the 1960s. However, unlike some members of my generation, I never lost or gave up on the more admirable ideals of the 60s. Nonetheless, I would concede that it is not always easy to be optimistic about the viability of the humane values and ideals, which defined the best of the 60s. The challenge, I believe, is one of maintaining a balance between an inspired vision of the human potential, and a realistic assessment of the human condition. The human condition is often depressing. The human potential is vast. Moving from one toward an actualization of the other is the principal task of life. Understanding this challenge and the means by which it can be met is, in my estimate, the enduring legacy of the 1960s. This blog represents my personal and professional journal that chronicles my own endeavor to fulfill this principal task of life.

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