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Nicole Freidenfelds, lab manager

This is going to be my last field season as a member of the Langkilde Lab, and I hope to make it a memorable one.  As sad as I am to leave, I'm looking forward to helping get our new personnel and projects up-and-running.  This will definitely be a busy, yet exciting summer, full of research.

Travis Robbins, postdoc 

This is my second field season with the Langkilde Lab, and this time it's personal.  Not really.  But, we have planned to begin some serious research projects this season to measure fitness of lizards based on where we find them (TN, FL, AR, AL), and if the behavioral differences we have found in the past among these populations (Langkilde_2009.pdf) can be inherited across generations.  This year should prove to be exciting, busy, and fun!

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Sean Graham, postdoc

I am four months away from receiving my PhD from Auburn University, where I studied ecoimmunological topics in the cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus). This summer I will simultaneously defend my dissertation research whilst beginning post doctoral research on the fence lizard. This research will examine stress-immune interactions in fence lizards across the fire ant invasion front. 


Renee Rosier, Ph.D. candidate 

This is my third field season with the lab and, again, I'm on an egg hunt.  The big difference is that I'll be using lizards from Pennsylvania instead of the south.  This season I'm investigating how early behavior affects growth rates and survival in the wild.  To find updates on my work with the PA lizards this summer, check out my personal blog here.

Gail McCormick, Ph.D. student

I am very excited to be joining the Langkilde Lab this year and to begin my graduate experience with a trip to the south!  Although I have research experience with small mammals and ants, my only experience with lizards is ogling them from afar. I look forward to making the acquaintance of many a lizard this summer!

Chris Thawley, Ph.D. student

This will be my inaugural field season with the lab, and, after spending the spring in front of a computer writing up my MS, I'm excited to work on my field biologist's tan. My previous experiences with lizards consist of letting them bite and dangle from my ears, so I'm looking forward to catching bushels of lizards and unraveling how their anti-predator behaviors can be inherited.

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Alex Pianovich, field assistant

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