Welcome to our 2011 Field Blog!

We are heading to the South again to start our 2011 season of fence lizard field research.  This year we welcome three new faces to our team and have a lot of exciting work planned.  Check back often to keep up with our adventures!

Recent Entries

Wrapping Up
Although our updates have been sparse of late, our time at Solon Dixon has been nonetheless quite memorable. The last…
A Thousand Words
The joys of field work...…
Eight Weeks and Counting
Wow - we've been on this research trip for over eight weeks! Time sure flies.My apologies for not posting a…

Recent Assets

  • spider close up
  • huge spider 1
  • i spy part 2
  • i spy part 1
  • juvies lr
  • baby glass lizard lr
  • Juvies on stem
  • baby glass lizard
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