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Sorry for no recent posts - have been running VITA sites about 4 days a week - have assisted at least 200 low income taxpayers and still 2 weeks to go. Can't wait to finalize all returns and do statistical analysis compared to other data IRS collects on the nation. Folks who normally aren't required to file their taxes because they haven't exceeded the threshold of standard deduction and personal exemption are asked to file this year in order to receive between $300 and $600 in economic stimulus payments. This is the federal government's way of avoiding a recession (just one of the tools in their arsenal). In addition to workers folks receiving social security (including those who are disabled) veterans and retired railroaders must file an abbreviated 1040A. They are NOT required to file by the April 15 deadline in order to receive the $$$. Of course, the sooner you file, the sooner your check will be mailed. But they actually have until October 15 to file to get their $$$ in 2008. Allowances are being made to receive the $$$ in 2009 if they meet the criteria and didn't get filed in 2008. On the IRS website FAQ there is a sentence that seems to indicate they need to file an extension if they can't meet the April 15 deadline. I've had 2 inquiries from human service personnel over that question! I am planning to do special days for the stimulus but need to finish up the regular tax season first. Also volunteers do not need to be VITA certified to assist so will need to think about getting folks together to get the deed done. May focus on Elderly housing as a primary site and also senior centers.

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