Robert Avanzato

Associate Professor of Engineering

Division of Engineering and Science

Penn State Abington
202 Rydal Building
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, PA 19001

+1 215 881 7358
+1 215 881 7623 (Fax)


Bob Avanzato teaches computer science and engineering, electrical engineeering, information sciences and technology, and robotics design courses at the Penn State Abington campus (in the Philadelphia PA suburbs).  He is also the campus engineering co-op advisor, and branch counselor for the Abington IEEE chapter.

His research interests include rule-based intelligent systems, fuzzy logic, mobile robotics, active and collaborative learning, 3D modeling and simulation using virtual world technology, and the effective use of technology in the classroom. He is currently engaged in the integration of mobile robots into the engineering curriculum and coordinates an outreach program for Philadelphia area high schools.

Prior to joining Penn State, Avanzato was a senior engineer at the Advanced Technology Laboratories at GE (ATL is now part of Lockheed Martin) where he was involved in research and development in the areas of software development, digital signal processing, and artificial intelligence.

Courses taught:  CMPEN 271/275 (Digital Design), CMPSC 201C (MATLAB, C++), Engr 297H Mobile Robotics, IST 110, IST 240 (UML, XML, JavaScript, Java), IST 311(OOA&D, UML, Java), IST 402 (Emerging Technologies - mobile robotics) , EE210 (Circuit Theory), CSE 497 Fuzzy Logic, CSE 120 (C++), EET courses (AC/DC theory, microprocessors, PLCs,  digital electronics).