My name is Robert Roth. I am a PhD candidate (ABD) in the Penn State Department of Geography and a research assistant with the Penn State GeoVISTA Center; I will be joining the UW-Madison Geography Faculty in Fall 2011. I conduct both applied and pure research on the topics of Cartography, Geovisualization, and Geovisual Analytics. Basically, I really like maps and think they can be useful tools in supporting the mission of science, helping professionals complete their daily work, and solving real-world problems

I encourage you to take a look at my research by reviewing my academic publications and presentation slides. You can also take a look at my design hand by viewing my interactive and print portfolios. If you would like to know more about me and my research interests, please see the about section, download my complete CV, or just send me an email.

Recent Activity:
  • 7.5.11 presented usability evaluation poster at ICC 2011
  • 7.4.11 Murdock et al. space-time visual analytics paper accepted into the Journal of Maps
  • 7.2.11 Robinson et al. paper on emergency mapping needs published online
  • 6.1.11 updated my CV
  • 5.14.11 posted slides for the 2011 AAG presentations on which I was coauthor
  • 4.27.11 demonstrated GeoVISTA CrimeViz to the Harrisburg Bureau of Police | slides and video