Apparatus Competition

2006 AAPT Summer Meeting

Syracuse, NY


Apparatus for Illustrating Dynamical Heat Flow in a Rod


Bruce Thompson

Department of Physics

CNS 263

Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY  14850



bthompso ‘at’ ithaca ‘dot’ edu



This is a simple apparatus which illustrates the dynamics of heat flow in a rod. It consists of a heater and two thermistors embedded in a copper (or other metal) rod. Together with associated electronics, the experiment is controlled by one output and three inputs of a computerized data acquisition system.  Further investigation of the system is accomplished by placing the apparatus in a vacuum.

Construction of Apparatus: 

Use of Apparatus: 

Your description of the apparatus should explain how to construct and use the apparatus along with the educational value or use of the apparatus.  Figures, pictures, sample lab writeups, etc. may be included as appropriate.  This description (made anonymous) will be available to the judges of the apparatus.  This descriptoin will also be posted on the apparatus competition web page.