Container design and plant selection assignment


This is an individual assignment. You can work together with a small group but you are expected to each come up with your own designs

Part 1.

Select any 3 existing containers on Campus (Except those in front of Eisenhower Auditorium). 

Develop a planting plan for a summer planting of each container.

For each container: Provide an analysis of the container location, sun, shade, exposed, sheltered, size, depth and shape etc.

Provide a plant list and planting plan, Specify plant genus and species and if appropriate cultivars. Include number needed and at least 1 source (i.e. where the plants can be purchased) for each.

Provide a maintenance plan.

Justify your plant selections and planting plan. What is the design intent, why will it work for the container and site. Discuss color, texture etc. Discuss the required maintenance and how this influenced your design decisions.

Part 2.

Develop a year round (4 seasons of visual interest) planting plan for the containers near the entry doors in front of Eisenhower Auditorium. Include all the material requested in question 1.


Planter box in front of the Alumni center with 3 individual containers

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