Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Verbena bonariensis aka V. patagonica

Verbena x hybrida aka Glandularia x hybrida

Common name: Verbena, V. bonariensis = Tall verbena or Brazillian vervain.

Other cultivars and species: Some other species and hybrids are also used. Verbena canadensis, (Glandularia canadensis) is also sometimes used. Glandularia sp. is the moss verbena. Nomenclature is a bit confused with the various horticultural cultivars.

Family: Verbenaceae

Zone: V. x hybrida 8 - 10 usually grown as annuals, V. bonariensis 7-10, G. canadensis 5-9.

Identifying characteristics: Variable - V. hybrida can have mostly entire toothed leaves or fern-like highly dissected leaves (G. hybrida). Plants are mostly low growing and trailing but some are more upright. Flowers in clusters with 2 upper petals and 3 lower. V. bonariensis is a stiff upright plant with lance shaped leaves on angled stems that often reseeds.

Culture and use notes: Use in mixed border, mass planting, annual bed, or containers. Moist well drained soils in full to part sun.

USDA Plant profile Verbena

USDA Plant profile V. bonariensis

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