Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Ligularia dentata, 

Ligularia ‘The Rocket’

Common name: Golden groundsel, Ragwort, Leopard plant

Family: Asteraceae

Zone: 4-8

Identifying characteristics: L. dentata - large kidney shaped dark leaves with yellow daisy like flowers in a loose flower head in late summer. ‘The Rocket’ Palmate dissected toothed leaves, yellow flowers on long spikes in mid-summer. ‘The Rocket” is probably related to L. przewalskii

Culture and use notes: L. dentata excellent accent plant in a woodland garden or woodland border. ‘The Rocket’ use in a mixed border of a mass of color when in bloom. Should plant ‘The Rocket’ with or behind other perennials to hide weedy growth when not in bloom.

USDA Plant profile L. dentata

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant profile Ligularia ‘The Rocket’

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