Species and cultivars you need to learn for class: 

Hypericum sp.

Common name: St. John’s wort

Other cultivars and species: Several species used commercially and in the garden. ‘Hidcote’ is one of the cultivars on campus - the parentage of this hybrid is unknown.Common species include H. calycinum. H. beanii, H. kalmianum

Family: Clusiaceae (Hypericaceae)

Zone: Varies - 5,6-9.

Identifying characteristics: Compact deciduous shrub grown as a cut back or dieback shrub in zone 5/6. Opposite dark green leaves with reddish stems. Showy yellow flowers with lots of stamens in a ring in the center of the flower.

Culture and use notes: Use in a mixed border. Used as a medicinal plant since ancient times.

USDA Plant profile

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