Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Viola x wittrockiana

Common name: Pansy, viola

Other cultivars and species: V. x wittrockiana is a cross between V. altaica x V. lutea  and or V. tricolor. Many other species and hybrids are also used

Family: Violaceae

Zone: Biennial or short lived perennial (6-10) usually treated as an annual, Some other species are perennial. 

Identifying characteristics: Short bushy plants with lobed leaves and flat faced flowers with overlapping petals that often have a “face” on the lower side.

Culture and use notes: Use in spring or fall in containers or annual beds. Good for fall planting. Flowers are edible. Cool season annual. Does not tolerate high temperatures and will usually need to be replaced with a summer annual in the landscape 

USDA Plant profile Viola

USDA Plant profile V. x wittrockiana

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