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Common name: Spider lily, inch plant, spider wort, wandering jew

Other cultivars and species: Genus with about 75 new world species many of which are used as ornamentals or houseplants. T. virginiana and its hybrids (spider lily) are  common perennial garden plants, T. zebrina (wandering jew) is a common house plant often used as a trailer in outdoor containers

Family: Commelinaceae

Zone: T. virginiana and associated cultivars (4-8), T. zebrina (tropical 8-12).

Identifying characteristics: T. virginiana and cv’s - clump forming perennial with arching strap leaves similar to a daylily or iris. Distictive purple flowers with 3 petals. T. zebrina trailing vining ground cover often with variegated foliage.

Culture and use notes: T. virginia used in perennial borders or for natralizing. T. zebrina used as a houseplant, hanging basket plant or in mixed containers as a trailer. 

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