Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Tagetes erecta 

Tagetes patula

Common name: Marigold, T.erecta = African or Aztec marigold, T. patula = French marigold

Other cultivars and species: T. lemmonii, T. mircantha and specific and interspecific (triploid, T. erecta x T. patula) hybrids are also grown.

Family: Asteraceae

Zone: Annual

Identifying characteristics: Complex almost fern-like leaves with angular stems. Single or pom-pom like double flower heads. T. patula is shorter, has small flowers and flowers earlier than T. erecta. T. erecta is sometimes called Big Marigold. Triploid hybrids have large flowers like T. erecta and compact growth like T. patula.

Culture and use notes: Used as annual bedding in mass plantings. Sometimes also used in containers. Grows best in full sun with well drained, moist media. Deadhead to avoid botrytis, particularly with T. erecta.

USDA Plant profile T. erecta

USDA Plant profile T. patula

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