Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Centaurea montana, Centaurea cyanus

Common name: Bachelors buttons, Knapweed, Mountain bluet, Dusty miller

Other cultivars and species: Many species and cultivars are used C. dealbata, C. pulcherrima, Centaurea cineraria is in the USDA database as Dusty miller as is Senecio cineraria  the 2 are sometimes confused C. cineraria has purple flowers or sometimes white, The more common Dusty Miller with clusters of yellow flowers is S. cineraria

Family: Asteraceae

Zone: 3-7 for perennial species ie C. montana, C. cyanus is an annual

Identifying characteristics: Simple pinnate leaves, tubular flowers in flowerheads with obvious bracts subtending the flowers.

Culture and use notes: Use in mixed borders, in wildflower of cut flower gardens, in containers or in a butterfly garden. Most cultivars tolerate some drought and partial shade.

USDA Plant profile Centaurea

USDA Plant profile C. montana

USDA Plant profile C. cyanus

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