Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens hawkeri

Common name: I. walleriana = Impatiens, I. hawkeri  = New Guinea Impatiens  

Other cultivars and species: I. balsamina (garden balsam) I. capensis (Jewelweed, spotted touch-me-not). Some interesting hybridization has been occurring in recent years. I. hawkeri  has been heavily hybridized and some do not consider it a real species or list it as I. x hawkeri  to indicate that it is a hybrid with the species I. hawkeri  as one of the parents.

Family: Balsaminaceae

Zone: 8/9+ grown as an annual

Identifying characteristics: Brittle fleshy stems, round to lance shaped leaves and 5 petaled asymmetrical flowers with spurs.

Culture and use notes: Use in containers, as houseplants, or as annual bedding.

USDA Plant profile I. walleriana

Missouri Botanic Garden Plant profile I. hawkeri

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