Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Geranium sp.

Geranium sanguineum

Geranium ‘Rozanne’

Geranium macrorrhizum

Common name: Cranesbill, geranium, G. Sanguineum is bloody cranesbill

Other cultivars and species: Many species and hybrids used commercially. Rozanne is a hybrid of G. himalayense and G. wallichianum. and is common on campus, used in many perennial beds and borders. G. x cantabrigiense, G. pratense  and their hybrids and cultivars are also common.

Family: Geraniaceae

Zone: 4-8

Identifying characteristics: Palmate or 5 pointed leaves, star shaped 5 petaled flowers, mostly borne in clusters

Culture and use notes: Many cultivars and species are suitable for use as groundcovers or in mixed borders. Easy to grow and maintain, different species and cultivars flower at different times and have various flower colors. Some are also scented.

USDA Plant profile Geranium

USDA Plant profile G. sanguineum

Perennial Plant association profile G. ‘Rozanne’

Missouri Botanical Garden profile G. macrorrhizum

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