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Agastache foeniculum

Agastache sp.

Common name: Hyssop. Giant Hyssop

Other species: A. aurantiaca, A. barberi, A. foeniculum, A. mexicana

Family: Lamiaceae

Zone: Most zone 6 or 7 through 10.

Identifying characteristics: Square stems, tubular blue, orange and apricot flowers on a terminal spike. Strong smell.

Culture and use notes: Many new hybrids. This plant is an excellent container or bedding plant. Treat most as annuals although hardier species may survive in a sheltered location. Perennials may be weedy. It flowers well all season, has good scent and is attractive to insects. Native to China, Japan, US and Mexico.

USDA Plant profile A. foeniculum

USDA Plant profile Agastache

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