Raingarden assignment


This assignment is a group assignment. Work in groups of up to 3 members.

Small rain garden suitable for a residential site

The assignment for this lesson is to design a rain garden for a residential site. You can either pick a real site or make up a hypothetical site.  Consider function and appearance and consider the use of native or non-native plant materials. Your client is an environmentalist and will allow you to use the site to evaluate new and different plantings so choose some plants that are “experimental”. Consider both summer and winter interest and maintenance considerations. Provide a plant list, planting plan, plant source list, and maintenance plan. Be sure to consider the invasive potential of each of your selections and describe your design intent along with why your plant choices are justified for achieving your project goals

Use the web and the PA BMP manual to aid in your research and design.


Raingarden at the PSU farm in Landisville

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