Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Veronica spicata, 

Veronica peduncularis

Common name: Speedwell

Other cultivars and species: Many other species and cultivars are used in the garden. Some other common species include V. prostrata (Prostrate speedwell), and V. longifolia (long leaf speedwell). ‘Georgia Blue’ is a common V. peduncularis  cultivar.

Family: Scrophulariaceae (Plantaginaceae)

Zone: 3-8 (V. spicata), 6-8 (V. peduncularis)

Identifying characeristics: V. spicata: Clump forming with dark green lance shaped leaves. Spike flowers in the late spring through summer. V. spicata can be distinguished from salvia by round stems.V. peduncularis: Prostrate spreading plant with small blue flowers in the spring. Foliage turns bronze in the fall.

Culture and use notes: Used for groundcover, mixed borders and some in containers in the full sun. V. spicata may have mildew problems. V. peduncularis  makes a good edging plant in a perennial border.

USDA Plant profile V. spicata

Missouri Botanic Garden Plant profile V. peduncularis

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