Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Sedum album

Sedum sexangulare

Sedum rupestre aka Sedum reflexum

Sedum kamtschaticum

Sedum kamtschaticum var floriferum ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’

Sedum spurium aka Phedimus spurius

Common name: Stonecrop

Other species, cultivars and hybrids: Many other species, hybrids and cultivars are available. Sedums are common on green roofs and in rock gardens. Sedum spurium  was renamed Phedimus spurious a few years ago and is listed that way by the USDA which also lists a separate entry for Sedum spurium. The genus Phedimus is no longer accepted by KEW or the Missouri Botanical gardens where the species is once again in the genus Sedum. Sedum spurium ‘John Creech’ is a common groundcover. ‘Weihnstephaner Gold’ is an excellent plant for roofs and is also found in many planted retaining walls. The larger plants that used to be classified as sedum Sedum “Autumn Joy’ S. telphium, S. spectabile are now in the genus Hylotelephium

Family: Crassulaceae

Zone: Varies - ranges from  2-8, some not hardy here

Identifying characteristics: Thick succulent leaves, waxy leaf surface, star-shaped 5 petaled flowers, usually in a cluster.

Culture and use notes: Many cultivars from cuttings, some from seed. This plant is an excellent bedding plant, rock garden plant, ground cover, and green roof plant. Most are semi-evergreen. Very drought tolerant. 

USDA Plant profile Sedum

USDA Plant profile S. album

USDA Plant profile S. sexangulare

USDA Plant profile S. reflexum

USDA Plant profile S. kamtschaticum

USDA Plant profile S. spurium

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