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Common name: Sweet Pea, Perennial sweet pea

Other cultivars and species: Lathyurs odoratus, annual sweet pea,  Lathyrus latifolius, everlasting or perennial sweet pea. The genus includes many other native and non-native species.

Family: Fabiaceae

Zone: L. odoratus is annual, L. latifolius, 3-8 

Identifying characteristics: Spreading vines with pea-like flowers, winged plant stems, and oval paired leaflets (3 leaflets in L. latifolius). Seed pods look like flattened pea pods. L. odoratus  has purple, red, pink or white flowers that are fragrant, L. latifolius has pink to white flowers that are not fragrant and spreads by rhizomes

Culture and use notes: Use in spring or fall in containers or annual or perennial beds on a trellis or support. Seed pods are not edible. Prefers cool conditions and may die out if too hot. L latifolius  will reseed and may become invasive. It is widely naturalized throught the US.

USDA Plant profile Lathyrus odorous

USDA Plant profile L. latifolius

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