Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Iris germanica,  (Bearded Iris) 

Iris siberica. 

Iris domestica aka Belamcanda chinensis

Common name: Iris

Other cultivars and species:  I. psuedacorus, I. cristata and many hybirds and other species are grown. I. germanica used in the garden are really hybrids of many species of Iris.

Family: Iridaceae

Zone: Varies (5-8)

Identifying characteristics: Sword shaped leaves nearly always in a basal fan

Culture and use notes: Use as border, mass planting or in a mixed bed. I. cristata is a dwarf woodland species native to PA. Siberian iris I. siberica, is suitable for most garden conditions. I. psuedacoris is a wetland iris suitable for a pond margin (this species is invasive and is banned in Connecticut and Massachusetts).

USDA Plant profile Iris

USDA Plant profile I. cristata

USDA Plant profile I. germanica

USDA Plant profile I. psuedacorus

USDA Plant profile I. siberica

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