Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Eutrochium sp. (aka Eupatorium sp.)

Common name: Joe Pye weed

Other cultivars and species: Many species and some hybrids are used. Common forms in the garden include E. fistulosum, E. maculatum, E. purpureum. The genus Eupatorium has been recently broken up into Ageratina, Chromolaena, Eupatorium and Eutrochium.

Family: Asteraceae

Zone: 3-8

Identifying characteristics: Whorled opposite leaves, very tall 5-7 ft. Purple flower heads on E. maculatum - to 7ft, rose flower heads on E. fistulosum - to 5 ft. 

Culture and use notes: Native - use in wild garden or for tall perennial border. Attractive to insects.

USDA Plant profile E. fistulosum (Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus)

USDA Plant profile E. maculatum (Eupatoriadelphus maculatus)

USDA Plant profile E. purpureum

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