Species and cultivars you need to learn for class:

Allium sp.

Common name: Onion, chives

Other cultivars and species: Many spring or summer flowering cultivars and species. Common ornamental onions include A. moly, A giganteum, A. christophii, A. caeruleum . A. cepa is garden onion,  A. porrum  is leek, A. sativum  is  garlic. On a green roof A. schoenoprasum (chives) are frequently used. 

Family:  Liliaceae (Amarylidaceae)

Zone: Varies, depends on species

Identifying characteristics: Globe shaped flower cluster on a long stalk, lance shaped fragrant foliage, flowers and bulbs.

Culture and use notes: Use in mixed borders, containers, or wildflower or rock gardens. Some species suitable for greenroofs. Many used for food. 

USDA Plant profile Allium

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