Memorization Skills - learning the plant names successfully


This class involves a lot of memorization. There is no real way to successfully learn plant identification without it, and for anyone seeking a career in horticulture, landscaping, or floriculture it is essential that you be able to identify most commonly used plants. It is a credibility issue, you will not be taken seriously as a professional if you can not identify common plants in the landscape, greenhouse or nursery, or if you recommend a sun loving perennial for a shady location.

The pace of the class is very fast during the first 8 weeks. It is critical that you find a memorization technique that works for you, and that you do it quickly. There are a number of common approaches built into the class structure, but it is up to you to find the one(s) that work best for you. 

Memorization strategies exercise:

Divide the plants on this weeks plant list into 4 groups. Use the internet to research memorization skills and strategies. Pick 4 memorization strategies or techniques and apply a different strategy or technique to each group of plants. 

On the class Canvas site report on your approaches in the memory strategies discussion forum. In your post to the discussion forum briefly describe the 4 strategies or techniques you used, which worked best for you, and why. Include a website address for your most successful approach that provides information and instruction on the memorization strategy or technique. Complete your post to the forum by Sunday (Week 1) at Midnight. 

Return to this discussion forum in future weeks if you find you are having difficulty memorizing class material for ideas on what your fellow students find to be successful and how to modify or improve your own techniques.

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