Peace Corps Malawi
1984 Omnibus Pre-Service Training
Training Report available in microfiche from ERIC Document Reproduction Service: as ED 285 968

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Peace Corps Volunteer Site placement

John Crossette – Marymount Girls Secondary School

Rick Wilson – Marymount Girls Secondary School

Rachel Heller – Mzuzu Secondary School

Anita Hoffman – Mzuzu Secondary School

Lee Ludwig –

Peter Wescott –

Jim Davey –

Allen Parker – Likuni Boys School

Julia Reynolds – Likuni Girls School

Jeff Barrons – Mtendere Secondary School

Jerry Gabay – St. Patrick’s School

Tony Muhich –

Martha Muhich –

Reb Rebhan –

Chris Latt –

Bill Bates –

Bill Vollmer –

Mari Gasiorowicz – Balaka Secondary School

Wendy Hislop – Nkhata Bay Boys Secondary School

Laura Kern – Nkhata Bay Boys Secondary School


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see: Clariana, R. B. (1986). Peace Corps Malawi 1984 Final Training Report. Publication of the United States Peace Corps Information Collection and Exchange (USPC-ICE). (also ERIC Document Reproduction Service: ED 285 968)

1. Malawi 1984 Final Training Report. Volume I: Administrative Summary. Volume II: Details of Sessions and Experiences. (ED285968)



Clariana, Roy B.



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Reports - Descriptive; Guides - Classroom - Teacher



Behavioral ObjectivesCross Cultural TrainingDeveloping NationsForeign CountriesLearning ActivitiesLesson PlansPostsecondary EducationProgram EffectivenessProgram ImplementationTrainersTraining MethodsVolunteer Training

This combination project report and training guide describes the 1984 training program for Peace Corps volunteers in Malawi and includes most of the training materials used during the project. The first half of the package, an administrative summary of the training program, includes the following: a statement of the program's philosophy, goals, and methods; a flowchart listing project staff; the program's weekly schedules; an evaluation assessment model; a list and a map illustrating the sites into which individual volunteers were placed; the project budget; results of a program evaluation and country program review monitoring; and a list of recommendations. The second part of the package details the individual training sessions and experiences that took place during the training program. Lesson plans are provided for the program's trainee orientation sessions and teacher, technical specialist, and motorcycle training sessions. A report on the program's language component and lesson plans from the program's cross-cultural training activities and guest speaker sessions are also provided. Each lesson plan contains some or all of the following: session name, trainer name, number of trainees present, session date, objectives, session location and time, materials needed, training activities conducted during the session, and recommendations for improving the session. (MN) Note:The following two links are not-applicable for text-based browsers or screen-reading software. Show Hide Full Abstract

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