Dr. Roy B. Clariana

Division Head & Professor

College of Education, Penn State University

Office phone: 814-865-1958

E-mail: RClariana@psu.edu

Web page home: http://www.personal.psu.edu/rbc4/



Ed. D. (1986-1990) – University of Memphis, Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Instructional Design and Technology

M.S. Ed. (1977- 1979) – University of Central Arkansas, Biology Education

B.S. (1973-1975) – University of Central Arkansas, Biology


Research – see http://www.personal.psu.edu/rbc4/pub.htm


Employment Experiences

Penn State University (1997 - present) – Currently, Professor of Education and Department Head of Learning and Performance Systems. https://ed.psu.edu/lps

University of Oulu, Finland (2005) – Fulbright Visiting Professor, Educational Technology Research Unit in the Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education. link


Jostens Learning Corporation, San Diego, CA (1993-1997) – Lead Product Developer, Field Director (UK), Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, Education Consultant. Among many roles and projects, I directed the development of an award-winning web-based curriculum alignment system called VITAL Toolsintelligent search tool and lesson planner. As the lead product developer, I managed all aspects of this $3.8m project, including establishing design specifications, teacher and district requirements, managing the APTEX, Inc. sub-contractor, selection of materials to be included in the final search engine database (including 42 state standards, 10 text book series, and national standards in science, math, and the social studies), quality-assurance testing, field trials in 3 schools across the US, training materials development, and coordination of training of salesmen and education consultants (about 250 individuals). Previously, as the Field Director in the United Kingdom, I managed the implementation of a 15-month long technology integration and software evaluation project in 10 schools in the United Kingdom under the auspices of the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta). The traditional schools involved included: Park Junior in Kettering Cedars School in Leiceister, Montagu High School, Leasowes High School in Dudley, Blantyre High School, Blantyre. The nontraditional schools (Open School) included: Merrydale and Beachaump in Leiceister, Dartford Hospital School in Dartford, Manamede Tutorial Centre in Plymouth, and Lewisham Tuition Centre in Lewisham. I also did a lot of other stuff for this company.


WICAT Systems, Inc., Orem, UT (1991-1993) – Education Consultant in the Rocky Mountain Region; I worked in numerous schools and school districts in the dual role of professional development trainer and principal investigator establishing and implementing school-wide School Learning Improvement Plans (LIPs). Working closely with schools’ curriculum staff and lead teachers, I helped set student achievement goals, developed year-long action plans, conducted professional development workshops for teachers, and then assisted in collecting, analyzing, and reporting ongoing classroom-based measures of achievement and process, and also pretest and posttest targeted high-stakes measures (usually standardized tests or state-wide tests). I developed and implemented LIPs in the following schools: Skyview High School in the Mapleton School District 1, Thornton, Colorado; Henderson Elementary, North Elementary, Northeast Elementary, South Elementary, Southeast Elementary, and Brighton Alternative High School in the Brighton School District 27J, Brighton, Colorado; Alsup Elementary and Kemp Elementary in the Adams County School District 14, Commerce City, Colorado; James H. Risley Middle School in the Pueblo School District 60, Pueblo, Colorado; Pine Valley Elementary at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Sergeant Elementary in the Sargent School District, Monte Vista, Colorado; Delta Montrose Vocational Center, Delta, Colorado; Park Elementary in the Durango School District 9-R, Durango, Colorado; Book Cliff Elementary, Castledale Elementary, Cleveland Elementary, Cottonwood Elementary, FerronElementary, and Huntington Elementary in the Emory School District, multiple towns, Utah; and Park Elementary and Pineview Elementary in Casper Wyoming. And in Denver Public Schools, Amesse Elementary School, Barnum Elementary School, Barrett Elementary, Bryant Webster Elementary, Castro Elementary, Cory Elementary, Eagleton Elementary, Ebert Elementary, Harrington Elementary, Mitchell Elementary, Munroe Elementary, Remington Elementary, Steele Elementary, Valdez Elementary, and Valverde Elementary.


EG&G Inc., Prime Contractor for the Department of Energy Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility, Golden, CO (1990-1991) – Manager of Training and Qualification in the Quality Assurance Division (with 850 employees); I was responsible for all aspects of initial and continuing qualification requirements for all personnel in every job classification in the Division. I initiated, developed, and implemented the Quality Assurance Division’s qualification processes and documented the procedures. In this high-risk environment, qualification is an annual rigorous process that involves ongoing professional development and job-specific retraining, and includes certification tests and field performance tests. Earlier, as the Training Analysis Manager, I was responsible for the plant-wide testing of fundamental knowledge related to nuclear resumption. I managed teams of employees and consultants who conducted job and task analysis to specify fundamental knowledge, and then developed and validated qualification tests of fundamental knowledge for 12 critical resumption job categories impacting about 1,000 employees across numerous Divisions, both union and nonunion, and then implemented the testing, analysis, and reporting of the test results to plant upper management and to the Department of Energy.


U.S. Peace Corps, Asia region (1988) – Executive Program Assistant in Katmandu, Nepal; I conducted job and task analysis interviews (Nepali government representatives and field personnel) to design a teachers-as-teacher-trainer job classification. (online report)


St. Anne School, Memphis, TN (1986-1990) – Technology Coordinator; I supported all classes, K-8th grade, with computer learning in both the computer lab and in classrooms.


Memphis State University, Memphis, TN (1985-1990) – Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant; I taught the course technology for teachers almost every semester, and I also taught an elementary and a secondary science methods course. I also conducted experimental research in the campus Reading Center, and developed curricular materials for middle school environmental science for the Center for Energy and Environmental Education (TVA: A world of resources, ED 360152)


US Peace Corps, Africa region (1982-1985) – I was the Training Director in Malawi (online link), an Assistant Training Director in Kenya, and a Technical Trainer for Science Education, Village Polytechnique, and Water Systems in Kenya.


US Peace Corps Volunteer, Kenya (1979-1982) – I was the High School Biology Department Chair at Iten High School, teaching biology and math, and I was also the basketball coach and choir master. Both the basketball team and the choir made it to the national finals in Nairobi.


Marvell High School, Marvell Arkansas (1976-1977) – Math teacher


Dissertation Chair

Kyung Kim (2017) – Visualizing reading comprehension: understanding the influence of text structures on readers’ knowledge structures. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/14876

Daniel Francis Fanella (2015) – The effects of changing the number of terms used to create proximity files on the predictive ability of scoring essay-derived network graphs via the ala-reader approach. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/11192

Monica Doris Rysavy (2015) – Achievement goal orientation and its implications for workplace goal setting programs, supervisory/subordinate relationships, and training. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/10930

General M. Ntshalintshali (2014) – Instructional effects of refutation text on different types of knowledge. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/9374

Dana E. Webber (2013) – Using technology to develop a collaborative-reflective teaching practice toward synthecultural competence: An ethnographic case study in world language teacher preparation. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/8723

Gustavo Prestera (2003) – Context effects of color on recall: border color as a lesson and posttest cue for factual and conceptual information presented in computer-based instruction. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/2020

John C. Rubisch (2005) – Enhancing social perspective taking in delinquent adolescents through cognitive flexibility in a hypermedia program. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/2591

MS Thesis

Lu Bai (2012, MS thesis) – Parallel-pattern versus linear-pattern discussion online collaborations. https://etda.libraries.psu.edu/files/final_submissions/8266