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Once again I look at my blog and realize time has flown.  Our 2011 HDFS in Rome program was a smashing success and beginning to look like a distant memory.  We had a lovely group of students this year, with students in a variety of majors and from three PSU campuses.  We love to have variety in the students which enriches our studies and lives. 

The field trips to Florence, Venice, and Pompeii were terrific, as usual.  Students traveled on their own time to Barcelona, Paris, London, and Dublin.  My family and I took a side trip to Sorrento and Capri for our long weekend and then traveled on to Dublin and Galway in Ireland for eight days after the program ended.

All of this extra traveling is one of the perks of being in Rome.  It takes less than two hours to fly between Italy and most other European destinations.  It's like traveling to New Jersey from central PA in terms of distance to an amazing array of destinations.

But even those students who go to far-flung locales during the weekends return and make a sigh of relief.  After a short while the students begin to feel at home in Rome.  Walking miles a day and exploring the wonders of the city help students quickly become enamored with it.  Even years after the program ends, students report being "Romesick" and pine for their days back in the Eternal City.  I know that when I come back to the US, it takes me a while to get adjusted to only hearing one language on announcements at the airport, eat American ice cream again, and living with a car.  There are so many things to miss from Rome, especially the many friendly people and the different view of life.

Ah, Rome, by all means Rome, said Audrey Hepburn's character in "Roman Holiday"  when asked which city was her favorite. She definitely had that right.

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