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Almost ready for liftoff!

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Well, another few months have flown by.  We have been very busy preparing for this summer's Rome program.  We have revamped some of the assignments and tried to add new and exciting field trips to our busy schedule.  We have a day camp to visit and more historic sites to show off.  I have been looking at a pictorial book of Pompeii getting more ideas about that trip.  I love Pompeii!!  I think it's such a great trip for its own purposes but it also fits so nicely with the history of the family class.  This is one of the best preserved ancient Roman cities.  I find it hard to believe that it lay under ash for centuries after the eruption without anyone knowing it was there. 

Cheryl is leaving for Rome from the Isle of Man tomorrow or Friday.  Mike left for England today.  The students leave on Sunday.  I am so jealous!  But on the other hand, I have so much anticipation for when I leave at the end of May that I get great pleasure in just thinking about it.  It's funny how I expect everything to be the same as when I was there last year.  And I am sure for the most part that will be true.  It's such a different, more timeless city than I am used to. 

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