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How embarrassing!

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I just looked at my blog and realized I have not written anything since last April!

When I get to Rome, time flies by and I do not have time to sit down and write.  I also never know if anyone else reads these entries so don't know if I need to. On the other hand, I need to keep a blog when I am in Rome as some of our students have done to have a diary record of what I did.  I do use my photographs as a kind of record which is helpful but it would be good to have my recollections of what I was thinking and doing.  Last year, for example, Mike our TA and my friend Linda who was visiting went on several Caravaggio hunts which were great fun.  It would be good to have more details of what we saw when and what our impressions of these visits were.

Well, I'll vow to be better this coming year.  I am really excited, thinking about the changes in the courses and the additional field trips we are planning!  I really love Rome and know the students love it as well.  Below is a picture of Campo di Fiori, taken by my friend Linda K.  The students take a field trip to Campo and learn about how to buy fresh produce.  My kids and I love to go to Campo where we have met a few vendors who are there every year (LOVE Manuelo who sells the nuts and dried fruit). 

rome.june10 100b.jpg

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