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Almost Rome!

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Well, Cheryl left yesterday for England and then Switzerland for some rest and vacation before getting started in Rome.  I am so jealous!  I would love to be on my way already.  I see from Facebook that students are counting the days until they leave.  Eleven days not counting today for them.  I have not started on my daily count yet, but once the semester is over, then I will.

I have been reading a great collection of short stories by women writers about their travels in Italy.  One I read yesterday was about a woman's Vespa travels throughout Rome.  It almost made me want to try the near-suicidal rides myself, but I do have to remember I have a family to take care of. 

We have such great plans for the program this year!  Cheryl has purchased fabric to make an ancient Roman family in one of her first classes.  I have been re-thinking how to talk about our field trips to the Galleria Borghese and also to Pompeii.  The more I think about these trips, the more excitement I feel.  I wrote about the Villa Borghese in my blog before I ever went to Rome and I did not do it justice.  I have gone back there multiple times in the last two trips to Rome.  My children and I have rented the golf-cart type vehicles several times and loved touring around the villa.  What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  The Galleria has an amazing collection of Bernini sculptures among other works of art.  These have motivated me to research more about the Greek and Roman myths that inspired the pieces of art there and many other places in Europe.

I have also been to Pompeii a number of times as well.  Cheryl does not like it there, since the area outside of the ruins is a bit seedy.  That's true, but I think the amazing nature of the ruins is worth the rest.  The scope of the ruins, particularly the fact that so much have not yet been excavated, boggles my mind.  I think the ruins really give a good sense of how life was in ancient Rome and beyond.  I would like to go to the Naples to see the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli which apparently has a fine collection of items from Pompeii and Herculaneum, both destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 A.D. I don't think I'll have time for this during this year's program, but hope to make a trip south to go there again soon. 

I will have to continue to dream of Rome for now.  I will live vicariously through Cheryl and the students in the meantime.  Sigh.



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