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Cheryl has already left for Europe, with a brief stopover in the U.K. to continue some research she started last year relating to identity issues.  Her leaving has signalled that we are about to begin our program, since she'll go directily from the U.K. to go to Rome!  I am sort of jealous, since I would love to be in Rome, although I am also relieved, since I still have a month to get working on my stuff. 

I have finished the syllabus for the Early Childhood in Italy class which was challenging since I am changing the journal assignment to having students create blogs.  Some of the students have already been writing blogs for other classes so hopefully they'll be able to help the less technologically able.  And Mike will be there to help, of course.  It's so great to have a TA who I know will be a great help!

Finals are almost upon us.  Oops!  I just realized I have to write my final for the HDFS 129 classes today!  I was thinking I could just play around with the Rome classes today.  Glad I got that reality check now and not late tonight!! 

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