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I cannot believe that we have already started planning the 2009 HDFS in Rome program!  I am so excited to be continuing on with this program.  I had such a wonderful time last year, getting to know Rome and working with the students.  I have lots of ideas on what to add and the students were kind enough to provide feedback so that we could improve the program and give suggestions to incoming students as well. 

Some of the suggestions for incoming students were: 

•          Be prepared for anything and everything.  Keep an open mind.

•          If you think you'll need it...bring it.

•          Get Oriented:  Don't be afraid to explore take yourself on walking tours of the city. Use maps as much as possible as soon as possible.

•          Learn about the Rome public transportation system ASAP: metros and buses are super easy and useful. (Get a free metro map.)

•          Bring a Rick Steve's guide book.

•          Be prepared to spend money...there's no way around it.

•          Don't expect to be well-groomed all day every day - your feet WILL get dirty!

These are great ideas.  We have plenty more ideas to share as well.  We hope that you will come by the International Programs fair on Tuesday, September 23 from 11-5 in the HUB Alumni Hall.  We are hoping that some of our students from this summer's program will attend and chat with you.  If you don't know where the HUB is, go to: and look for G5.  The HUB is short for the Hetzel Union Building.  There is a parking garage right next to the HUB.  If you can't make it to the fair, don't despair (hey, I'm a poet...).  You can contact me at

Ciao for now!  I hope to see you on the 23rd.  I'll be there all day!!

 This is a picture of the cat sanctuary at Largo Argentina (photo by Maggie Brock) 















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