Roma! Nice neighborhood...

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Well, we arrived on Tuesday and slept for quite a while.  Then we went out for a walk of some amazing places.  First, we went to the church next door to our apartment block, Santa Maria sopra Minerva, which had been constructed atop a temple for Minerva, goddess of war, wisdom, medicine, and science.  This church has lovely frescoes and even a minor sculpture of Michelangelo.  This sculpture has its private parts covered by a bronze loincloth added by later Reformers.  Catherine of Siena is buried here, except for her head and part of her finger, William reminds me.  The head, at least, is in Siena, which we may visit in a couple of weeks on our way to Volterra.  Outside is an obelisk brought to Rome by Augustus from Egypt which tops an elephant sculpture created by Bernini.  On the top of the obelisk is a cross to show the dominance of the church.   


Thumbnail image for DSCN1275.JPGNext stop, the Pantheon.  This building was originally built by Marcus Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus. It burned twice and was finally reconstructed by Hadrian in 118 A.D.  It was consecrated as a Christian church in about 609 A.D.

Next we went walked down to Trajan's column and then saw the backside of the market.  I didn't realize how amazing looking the market is until we were on our way back on the other side. 

We had delicious pizza but skipped the Gelato from what Cheryl claims is the best gelato place in Rome because we were so full.  Next stop was the Coliseum.  We have to go back there again to take the tour.  Shannon, the TA, assures us tours are worth every euro! 

 I feel very fortunate that our apartment and the Sedi are in such great locations.  We have hung out at the fountain near the Pantheon tons of time already.  We are about to go out now for a walk, perhaps along the river.  We went there the other night and Cheryl got some great pictures of the Vatican, reflected in the Tiber.  Wowl  Nice neighborhood, hm? 



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