Accepting Students!

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We have sent out emails accepting students into the program. We have already heard back from a few students who have accepted us by email. We heard from a couple who have made other plans for their summers. We have even had a few who have officially applied via the International Programs (click on Programs, then type in HDFS in the box under Program Name:).

We are thrilled with the number and quality of the students who have applied for the program. We do have a waiting list and will add eligible students who may be applying in the near future.

We do want to make sure those who have been accepted apply for their passports right away. Visas are also required and students can apply for those no later than 60 days prior to the beginning of the program (March 12 is last day to apply). You can get more information on the International Programs website (go to "Preparing to go abroad" link, click Program Guides, then Italy for information on visas).

We would like to encourage students to be in contact with each other prior to the trip. I know that some of you are already on Facebook. Become my friend and Dr. Cheek's and then you can link to others through us.

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