Can graduate school be funny?

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Last time, I see a joke, some kids are making fun of graduate students - lousy dress, disordered hair with the word "I am a graduate student. I am thirty and I make 20 thousand a year". Then their mom says: Don't laugh at them. They are not bad guys. They just make bad decisions of their lives.

Well, is graduate life that bad? With no fun and just boring work? I don't think so. I think most of us choose graduate school because they like to do the research of their majors. And we can have fun in it. Also, graduate school does not mean just work no entertainment. We can make friends here who share interests with us not just academically. So it is our decision to spend graduate school with fun or not.

As for me, I would like to do research than just coding. Exploring new things can make me excited and devoted. Right now I am working on social network analysis. At first, I thought it's just some analysis of models using some math or statistical methods. But after I find out the huge potential applications, I realize the meaningful and attracting parts, and now I really enjoy the work I am doing.

Also, it is best to balance work and rest. The Penn State University has provided us a lot of activities from art to sports, not to mention there are also kinds of clubs and organizations. And there are special activities for graduate and international students. We can have fun here. Also, we can make new friends here who share the interests with us, that's not just have fun, it's also the fortune of life.  

So, do not just listen to others, and do not take graduate school is boring for granted. Just make yourself happy and enjoy the life in graduate school.

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