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We are constantly looking for diligent and bright students to join us
and to form an active and diverse team on various research projects.
If you are interested in working with us, email me!

News flash

Congratulations to our team's alumna Joan Remski for winning the 2014 Distinguished Service Award at her home institution. Joan has been back to do collaborative research work with the team recently. (2014-03)

Congratulations to our team's alumnus Yanxiang Zhao for accepting a tenure-track assistant professor position at the George Washington University! Yanxiang has been doing a post-doc at UCSD since his graduation. (2014-01)

Congratulations to our team's alumna Maria Emenlianenko for winning the Penn State GSAS Early Career Award. (2014-01)

Congratulations to our team's member Dr.Tadele Mengesha for accepting a tenure-track assistant professor position at Univ of Tenn at Knoxville, a great place to continue his career! (2013-12)

Congratulations to our team's member Dr.Tadele Mengesha for becoming an PI of an NSF grant on mathematical theory for nonlocal models. (2013-09)

Congratulations to our team's alumnus Lei Zhang for winning the Youth 1000 talent award of the Chinese government. After working at UC Irvine and City Univ Hong Kong, he is now a faculty at the Peking University and BICMR. (2013-08)

Congratulations to our team's alumnus Lili Ju for his promotion to full professorship at Univ of S. Carolina. Lili not only worked with us for many years himself but was introduced X.Q. Wang and J. Zhang to our team. He visited us during his sabbatical in 2010. (2012-12)

Congratulations to our team's alumna Maria Emenlianenko for her promotion and tenure. (2012-09)

Congratulations to our team's alumnus Xiaoqiang Wang for his promotion and tenure at Florida State University. (2012-02)

Congratulations to our team's alumna Maria Emenlianenko for receiving the highly competitive NSF career award in 2011. Maria was one of the first Ph.D students graduated from our group at Penn State and she has received a number of awards in her career (2011-09).

Here are our current Math members :

Tadele Mengesha joined us in 2011 as a post-doc for the DOE project on peridynamics and the analysis of nonlocal models. He got his Ph.D from Temple and has worked at LSU before joining our group. He has been invited to SAMSI, Berlin, Philadelphia, Mexico and other places to present our works.
Feng Sun joined us in 2013 as a post-doc, working on a joint project with Hersey medical school on micro-CT imaging analysis and computer geometry related problems. He has completed a paper on nuclei segmentation using Morse-Smale complext. He got his degree in computer science from the Hong Kong University.
Peter Gael is working with Lyle Long and our group on spiking neural networks and speech recognition. He is also doing PCA related works. He has served as SIAM student chapter officiers for two terms and worked as summer interns at CISCO.
Zhan Huang is working with nonlocal advection and diffusion models and related numerical analysis/simulation issues. She has one paper to be published in DCDS-B. She served as the 3rd SIAM student chapter president.
Chao Tian has passed his comprehensive, he is working on the long time behavior of stochastic models. He is currently the SIAM student chapter president and he presented his work in Orlando.
Xiaochuan Tian has completed a couple of papers on the numerical methods for nonlocal models and the local limit. She passed Oral Comprehensive in 2013 and presented talks in Philly, Yellow Mountain and Orlando.
Yuqi Sun is a student in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, working with me and Prof.Tao Yao of IME on uncertainty quantification issues.
Shuwei Xu is at USTC, working with Prof.Yi Cheng of USTC and me on his Ph.D degree.
Liming Yuan is studying nonlocal models of phase transformations.
Jun Ni is studying algorithms for saddle point search.
Runze Tao is studying nonlocal Neumann problems.
• Some other students are also participating our research activities.

Our post-docs and graduate assistants are paritially supported by grants from Federal agencies as well as CCMD and the Willaman fund (see a list of some recently funded research projects).

We coined the term TEAMS as the theme for the CAM@PS group's effort in graduate student training. TEAMS stands for the Training in Experiments, Analysis, Modeling and Simulation for our mathematics students. We hope that this can better prepare them to excel in their interdisciplinary research careers in computational and applied mathematics as well as other disciplines.

Our group has a weekly unannounced research seminar where the members present their latest reading/research/questions, (the discussions are often very lively and stimulating, and we get a lot of laughs if nothing else). Others are welcome to join us by emailing me.

We are working with some other math faculty members and students, colleagues from other departments at Penn State and many collaborators at other research institutions worldwide.

A few team members have just departed. We wish them the best in their new adventures.

Qichuan Bai has worked with Andrew Belmonte and our group on dynamic bucklings. She presented a poster at the recent regional SIAM student chapter conference and worked as a summer intern for a hedge fund. She is now working on Wall Street.
Jingyan Zhang has worked on several projects involving analysis, algorithms and computation. She had a paper on a nonlocal optimal domain partition published in DCDS-A, a paper on PCVT in IJNAM and some papers on saddle point search in SINUM and JCP, and another on uncertainty quantification of materials data set. She presented her research in meetings at Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Vancouver and Beijing. She defended in 2012 and now works as a quant in a hedge fund.
Li Tian was a Chowla postdoc in the dept, with partial support from our research project. He worked mainly on adaptive finite element methods, with applications to a wide range of problems including nonlocal models. He got his Ph.D from USC under the guidance of Lili Ju.
Thinh Le was first doing pure mathematics then changed direction to join our group. He used ideas of geometry in several applications like an extension of the 3d MacPherson-Srolovitz formula for microstucture evolution/coarsening in CMS. He then worked on nonlocal calculus and nonlocal geometry in his thesis. He presented his work at the SIAM materials conference and participated in a summer program at Singapore. He defended in 2012 and is now a faculty at Vietnam National Univ.
Kun Zhou worked on the nonlocal peridynamic models and nonlocal calculus and had several papers published in journals like SINUM, M2AN, SIREV, M3AS, MathComp, supported in part by Sandia National Lab and DOE. He has been invited to given talks at conferences including SIAM meeting, Oberwolfach and ICIAM. He was the 2nd president of Penn State SIAM student chapter. He defended in Dec 2012 and now works on Wall Street.
Matthew Baran defended his thesis on March 21, 2012, he is working full time at the ARL.
Brandon Chabaud joined us in 2009 as a post-doc for the DOE project on regional ocean modeling jointly funded between PSU/CSU/FSU. He got his Ph.D from UMN under Carme Calderer. He moved to work at Los Alamos as a research scientist.

You may check out the list of our alumni and former team members
and links to some of our collaborators on campus.

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