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Adobe Photoshop

When I worked as a graphic designer for many years, Photoshop was pretty much my right hand. Below are a few examples that I happen to have left from my days with Penn State's World Campus. I did a series of ads to promote the new online learning initiative. At the bottom of this page I have a few cool animated GIFs, too.

Lincoln monument with a laptop

This was kind of a fun one to do. In this image, I gave Abe a laptop. I drew the laptop from scratch right in PhotoShop and had to move his hand from the arm of his chair to the keyboard. It also meant drawing his coat sleeve. Now at least he has something to do sitting there.

head-hunter ad for World Campus

I thought it was kind of humorous to give the native a Polish name seeing that he's obviously not European. For some reason they were afraid people would take offense to it. I certainly didn't mean it that way. On an episode of "The Wild Thornberrys" (a Nickelodian cartoon) they come across a tribe of natives dressed much like these guys and find out they've got a satellite link to the Internet. I thought it was funny that Nickelodian could say the same thing without worrying about hurting someone's feelings. I wrote the copy for this one as well. It was sort of making fun of their marketing campaign at the time which was "It's a jungle out there."

statue of liberty with a diploma, graduation cap, and laptop computer

I drew the graduation cap, laptop, and diploma right in PhotoShop using the statue's own texture to color them. I even wrote the catch phrase for it. This kind of worked out great because the statue already had a graduation gown on. Well, sort of.

Animated GIFs

Here are a few animated GIFs (which were popular on the Web prior to Flash). I created them for the PSU Sports Info Web pages for various things. The cartoon of the guy on the parallel bars was done by rotoscoping, or tracing images of video. I get tired watching these guys do the same thing over and over.

gymnast doing flairs on text for NCAA Championships
revolving PSU Nittany Lion Club logo golfer teeing off cartoon of gymnast on parallel bars