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Adobe Flash

I have been developing in Adobe Flash for over 6 years now. I really began with Flash in earnest with my job as a Web developer for SMGnet. They had business simulations on CD that needed to be recreated for Web delivery. Unfortunately, it was a "dot bomb" company, so I left there and came back to Penn State, where I was involved in a number of projects that were created in Flash. Below are some examples of my work. Each image is a link.

child psychology museum

The Child Psychology Museum was an interactive Flash module where the students would explore each exhibit on each of six floors accessed via the elevator (disabled in this example). These are fundamental concepts concerning child physiology and psychology. This was a really fun project I worked on with David Stong, an exceptional illustrator/animator. We each did about half of the exhibits in the project.

course management system frames tutorial

This little tutorial for ANGEL users shows you how to switch from Frames to No Frames, and was done more as a proof of concept than anything.

interactive map quiz for African-American Studies

This was a series of map quizzes for African-American Studies. Object was to help them learn U.S. geography and African-American history at the same time. The idea was to make it kind of like a game show. While no points are given, when you select a wrong answer you get a "Family Feud" style buzzer and the audience laughs at you. If you get the answer correct you get a "ding" and the audience claps for you. You also get a bit more background info on the answer and a photo to view. Another map dealt with musicians and included a short music clip and photo for each correct answer.

3D Orthographic Projections

This project helps students to visualize objects in 3D space as they are depicted from mechanical drawings. Click the buttons on the sample page to see the objects move.

Factory Production and Cost Accounting

This project was created to help students learn basic accounting concepts - T accounts in particular. The Flash module takes you through a factory from delivery of raw materials to shipping the finished product and how the T-accounts are affected in each step of the way.

Postcards animation for Office of Development

This was a freelance Flash project I worked on this past year for the Office of Development through my good friend Hannah Williams. It was for the Big Ten Development Conference being held at Penn State. I synchronized the animation to Hail to the Lion.

YouTube link to Simply Speaking video about cloud computing

More recently I've been using Flash to make animated movies such as this series of educational videos called "Simply Speaking". I also created many animations for the College of Science's MOOC on Epidemics.