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I’m Paula Ford, the Coordinator at the Robert L. Smith Learning Resources Center at Penn State Altoona. I’m taking History 197A, British History, in the spring semester 2012, and I thought it would be interesting to journal my experiences in a blog. I’ll be using the study strategies I always recommend to students and sharing how well they work (or don’t) for me.

Can a very busy adult learner juggle a history class, a full-time job at Penn State Altoona, and a busy family life? That’s what I am going to discover and share.

I’m very motivated to do well in History 197A—more about this in a future blog entry. For now, I’ll share that I was an English major (ahem!) many years ago at Penn State University Park, so a British History course is intrinsically interesting to me.

More about me (if you like).

Questions, comments, and suggestions are very welcome. You can reach me via Penn State e-mail (pxf3) or by stopping by the Robert L. Smith Learning Resources Center. Many thanks!

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