Well first off I wanted to share that I have made the second step in becoming an R.A. They have emailed me to schedule an interview, and then we'll see from there! The only problem I seem to be having is fitting the R.A. class into my schedule next semester. It's already difficult enough to fit classes when double majoring and then minoring, but now an extra class?! I don't think this is going to work. It's a shame though since being an R.A. would have been a good oppurtunity to save some money and embellish my resume. I'm still going to the interview to see if I'll even get accepted, but if I do, taking the class will be my biggest dilemna. I guess I'll worry about it when the time comes.

The second thing I wanted to share was my bitterness at how my section looked in the Beacon this week. If I have not mentioned this before, I'm a news editor for The Behrend Beacon and in charge of the "Features" section. Although it's nice to have a blank canvas, it also is a little difficult having to come up with content that is different. I have to make sure the features page is distinct from local and world news, the other sections in news. This week I was happy with the content (editorials on the career fair and a fundraiser called "3 Miles for Smiles" (the issues can be viewed at thebehrendbeacon.com). However, I was not happy about how the page printed out. I don't know if it was my fault or the publishing company's, but something needs to be done so the colors on my page don't looked washed out.

R.A. Application

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So today I applied to be a Resident's Assistant. It was around 5 pages, but didn't take very long at all. I hope I get it, since it would lower my tuition by almost three thousand dollars! The only problem I might have though is that if you get accepted, you have to take a three credit R.A. class. This wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't already double majoring and need all the credits I can to go towards my majors. This will most likely prove to be a problem if I get accepted. Something I forgot to mention is that you must list two references who must fill out forms for you. I think I am going to choose one of my Communication professors and one of my Political Science professors. I know they will give me good recommendations. I'm just worried about not being able to take the class if I get accepted. But I am getting ahead of myself right now, first I actually have to wait and see if I get accepted. Here's to waiting...

Clubs offered at Behrend

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So there are around 110 clubs offered at the Behrend Campus, yet a good portion don't make themselves known to the rest of the students. Of course there is club rush when you are supposed to be able to get a preview of all them, but most of the time I have class during that time. A good way to be able to see what clubs are even offered is to go on OrgSync, although seeing them all together may be a little overwhelming. However, here at Behrend, there are quite a variety of clubs available for students to join. There's everything from Karate Club, to Agriculture Club, to even an Atheist club! There are also different types of cultural organizations such as ISO (International Students Organization), ASO (Asian Students Organization), MSA (Muslim Students Organization), etc. OrgSync is actually a pretty good way to feel more connected to the Campus and all the activities that go on around here.  

Welcome to my blog

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Before I started actually talking about any subject in particular, I first wanted to have a post welcoming readers. To introduce myself, my name is Puja and I'm currently a junior at Penn State Erie. I'm from California and dislike the cold, making Behrend the perfect place for me to go to school. (sarcasm)

Even though that's the case, obviously there are still aspects to this school that kept me wanting to still go here. I'll probably end up talking about them throughout my blog. I'm not going to go off and list all the activities I'm involved in because it makes me feel like I'm filling out an application or something. Plus when I talk about certain things or events, it will be like a surprise. It's like saying yes to going out with someone and slowly getting to know them, instead of sitting there and reciting long speeches about your life.

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