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Here are some links to sites that relate to course content. Note: I am not responsible for the content of these sites, nor for the content of any sites to which they link.

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*      Prenatal Development/Genetics

*      Physical Development/Health

*      General Resources for Parents

*      Social Policy

*      Developmentally Appropriate Practice

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Prenatal Development/Genetics

*      Pregnancy Week by Week—Descriptions of developments with illustrations

*      Nutrition during Pregnancy from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

*      Iowa Birth Defects Registry--A collection of links to organizations dealing with specific birth defects in Iowa and the United States.

*      Centers for Disease Control Health Topics A - Z

*      Understanding Gestational Diabetes from the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development

*      Crime Times--Research reviews and information on biological causes of criminal, violent, and psychopathic behavior. Click on "most recent issue" for contents and links to articles and an subject index.

*      Guidelines for Genetic Testing for Huntingson's Disease--This describes the gene pattern sought and the counseling that individuals seeking testing should receive.

*      March of Dimes--Information from the March of Dimes on pregnancy, birth defects, etc.

*      Human Genome Project Information--Lots of interesting information about genes and the implications of mapping the human genome.

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Physical Development/Health

*     Understanding Growth Chartswith links to growth charts for different age groups

*      Health topics from Loyola University Health System in Chicago. Informative information on pregnancy, growth and development, childhood diseases, nutrition, behavioral problems, allergies, etc.

*      Play It Safe--Information about safe participation in sports for young athletes, from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

*      Sports Related Bone Injuries

*      Vitamins found in foods--This article includes a chart listing essential vitamins, the foods that contain them, and the functions assisted by the vitamins (from the Vegetarian Society).

*      Links to Nutrition Sites on the WWW--from the library at the U. of Wisconsin-Stout.

General Resources for Parents

*      Parents Planet--Links to many sites for parents

*      Parent Soup--Age-related information and topical articles

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Social Policy

*      The Future of Children--Reviews of research relating to public policy.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

*      Early Childhood Education Web Guide—Lots of links

*      NAEYC Position Statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practice

*      Zero to Three

*      D.A.P. in Early Childhood Education

*      Website of an accredited early learning center

*      Wisconsin Early Childhood: D.A.P.

*      EdWeek article about criticisms of D.A.P.

*      Big list of links (not all work)

*      North West Regional Educational Lab statement on D.A.P.

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