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Castles Burning



Idiot Wind

Town Cryer



As you well know, blue historical markers dot the landscape of Penn State's University Park campus.  These markers speak to the significance of history on our humble campus, covering everything from Theodore Roethke’s drinking problem to the insemination of Driver Education.  Our project addresses the question of whether historicity resides in a signpost or some other narrative therein. Students (and friends) have selected historical markers at random and created related narratives—some based in historical fact, others fictionalized accounts of some alternative history.  To see a sampling, click below.  And soon (if not before), more of these narratives will be posted in this space.  Enjoy.

For the meanwhile, you'll need to be appeased with the Daily Collegian coverage of the Historicity Project.




Artificial Insemination:
Incarnate Blisterings by Elisabeth Workman

Bernreuter Inventory:
Bernreuter's Dilemma by Eric Stroshane

When the lights go out, no one can see you by Emily Ravelle

Applied Research Lab:
Sound Mind by Mike Richards