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It's not easy to keep yourself entertained when reading through stacks of papers.  Luckily, my students have a knack for inadvertently amusing me.  The following passages actually appeared in business and technical writing papers.  And they wonder why I stress peer review so heavily.  Stay tuned...


In addition, I have a strong background in mathematics.

I was able to use bullets, bold type and underlining because the resume will not be scanned.  I know this because I am the only one in the office who knows how to use the OCR software.

During my first two summers, I was exposed to the biological side of water pollution. 

It would not be a stretch to call him a genus.

When I was younger you taught me that respect is more than a common curtsey to elders…

[Employers] do not want to have too few people working and cause back-ups and long lines, but at the same time they do not want to pay people to be idle.

I anticipate working in an environment where I can use my skills to complete necessary tasks.  

Rhetoric is used throughout the President’s address in order to strengthen his argument.

The ethos and logos are complemented by the pathos engendered by the text and presentation of the speech.

Since the U.S was in a state of shock and horror, they were very easily moved by his use of logos, pathos and egos.

Throughout his speech, [FDR] is able to build each one of his pathological appeals on the next in order to eventually “rally” the American people behind the war effort. He concludes his pathological appeal with one of his stronger statements in the entire speech.

When Nixon took the office he had a lot to clean up because the Vietnam War was active. The war was rapidly getting malicious quickly.

This amendment provides Americans with the unalienable right to bare arms.

Lisa is an example that the old sane still does exist today.

My objective statement states which position I am interested in with the least amount of insignificant words.  

It is important when writing a cover letter and/or a resume to intrigue the reader into perusing a follow up conversation.

I proved her accusations of my way of conveying information because I away had an abundant amount of students coming in for tutoring.

The use of correct grammar is very important in both styles of writing.  For instance, the use of the passive voice is to be avoided when writing a history paper or a business document.

Teenagers these days are so focused about their technology that they forgot how to speak the english language correctly.

The problem that I have pointed out in society today is that how teens mainly in high school are losing their communication skills and adjustments need to be put on these phones.

Writing skills is among the most important skills for an accountant to have.

One must use extra care use the correct words to convey their message.

One could loose their credibility if they are careless when communicating through email. Misunderstandings and poor writing could cause a loss of valuable time.

Memos can be written to supervisors, colleagues, and subordinates to simulate the workplace environment.

With current economic conditions, companies must ensure they write affectively to ensure they can maximize shareholder value.

What follows in the preceding pages is a detail analysis of the watershed problems and outside sources should help intervene.

As a result, these customers have to endure a difficult check-in process due to the lack of miscommunication between the hotel and

Many engineers go into engineering because they are better skilled at math and sciences then they are at English and social sciences.  Because of this, the tendency is for people to stereotype engineers as sub par writers.  Regardless of the skill level, this manual will help the average writer look like a professional.

There are very little people that I enjoy sharing the company of.

One of the main factors that forces drivers to retire from driving is their ability to see. 

Loss of control over cellular proliferation in complex organisms leads to tumor development and cancer, which is often deleterious to the organism.

This disease needs to be examined and researched more seriously because it is not only life threatening but can also lead to many other complications later in life which can lead to death.

Whether or not a proposed solution actually solves the problem will have an impact on how highly it is recommended. 

In addition to the incontinence imposed on you, relying on others for transportation limits my work schedule and thus the amount of money I can make.

In the early morning, before the sun comes up, there is a sense of clam.

Enterprise is constantly on a fast moving paste.

The movies are also titled “Star Wars”; this would imply that space is involved.  It is very black and dark with just the light of planets and stars. 

Obesity in this country has grown to epic proportions. 

Within the past several years there has been an exponential increase of obese people that live in the United States.

The problem of increasing gas prices is a never-ending dilemma because gas is a nonrenewable resource and the demand for gas is increasing.

As an extern in the rehab and hydrotherapy units of the Muncy Valley Hospital, I had the opportunity to experience the problems associated with a lack of control in diabetic patients. 

By preparing food, cleaning and serving customers, I had great opportunities to acquire skills in communication and find joy in providing quality service to customers.

It is my intention to take these acquired skills with me to graduate school, where I will enroll in courses geared more towards severe weather, so I will be completely prepared when going into the field. 

A major disadvantage is although it is cost efficient, it is still very expensive. 

With the current curriculum, students are entering the major unprepared and are forced to learn concepts completely unknown to them.

The first alternative to power plants would be solar cells.  The advantage to this alternative is that it costs nothing.  It’s free in the sense that the earth supplies sunlight at no charge.  The disadvantage is that one depends on the sun for energy and the installation cost is high.  

It takes a village to be a community.

The world is getting more global.





Last updated 11 April 2013