Working Papers

An efficient and conformant estimator for mixed logit demand systems with price endogeneity.

An analysis of markups and consumer welfare in the U.S. car and light truck market from 1980-2018.

A dynamic structural model to illustrate how an input tariff reduction affects trading decisions and firm performance.
Forthcoming in RAND Journal of Economics, 2022

We study price bargaining between suppliers and an intermediary, where the latter represents consumers who are characterized by price insensitivity.

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The Influence of Hidden Research Decisions in Applied Microeconomics.
Economic Inquiry, 59(3): 944-960, 2021

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Measuring Competition in Spatial Retail.
RAND Journal of Economics, 51(1): 189-232, 2020

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Strategic Patient Discharge: The Case of Long-Term Care Hospitals.
American Economic Review 108(11): 3232-65, 2018

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Brewed in North America: Mergers, Marginal Costs, and Efficiency.
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 59: 24-65, 2018

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What Drives Home Market Advantage?.
Journal of International Economics, 110: 135-150, 2018

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I have taught the following courses at Penn State:

  • 444: Undergraduate Economics of the Corporation.
  • 512: Graduate Empirical Methods
  • 543: Graduate Industrial Organization
  • 530 / 531: Master’s Essay Workshop
  • 597: Graduate Topics in Industrial Organization