Paul L. E. Grieco
Associate Professor of Economics

Department of Economics
The Pennsylvania State University
509 Kern Building
University Park, PA 16802

Tel: (814) 867-3310
Fax: (814) 863-4775
Email: paul.grieco (at)

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

    Generalized Insurer Bargaining,
    with Guy Arie and Shiran Rachmilevitch, February 2018.

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    Strategic Patient Discharge: The Case of Long-Term Care Hospitals,
    with Paul J. Eliason, Ryan C. McDevitt and James W. Roberts, Jaunary 2018.

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    Input Prices, Productivity and Trade Dynamics: Long-run Effects of Liberalization on Chinese Paint Manufactures,
    with Shengyu Li and Hongsong Zhang, November 2017.

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    Measuring Competition in Spatial Retail: An Application to Groceries,
    with Paul B. Ellickson and Oleksii Khvastunov, February 2017.

    Previously circulated as "Taste versus Space: Demand Heterogeneity in the Grocery Industry."
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Published and Forthcoming (with final working paper versions)

    Brewed in North America: Mergers, Marginal Costs, and Efficiency,
    with Margaret Slade and Joris Pinkse,
    International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.

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    What Drives Home Market Advantage?,
    with Kerem Cosar, Shengyu Li, and Felix Tintelnot,
    Journal of International Economics, 110: 135-150, January 2018.

    Previously circulated as "Taste Heterogeneity, Trade Costs, and Global Outcomes in the Automobile Industry."
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    Productivity and Quality in Health Care: Evidence from the Dialysis Industry,
    with Ryan C. McDevitt,
    Review of Economic Studies, 84(3): 1071-1105, July 2017.

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    Production Function Estimation with Unobserved Input Price Dispersion, (and Online Appendix),
    with Shengyu Li and Hongsong Zhang,
    International Economic Review, 57(2): 665-690, May 2016.

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    Borders, Geography, and Oligopoly: Evidence from the Wind Turbine Industry (and Online Appendix),
    with A. Kerem Cosar and Felix Tintelnot,

    Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(3): 623-637, July 2015.
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    Multiplicity of Equilibria and Information Structures in Empirical Games: Challenges and Prospects,
    with Ron Borkovsky, Paul Ellickson, Brett Gordon, Victor Aguirregabiria, Pedro Gardete, Todd Gureckis, Teck-Hua Ho, Laurent Mathevet, and Andrew Sweeting,

    Marketing Letters, 26(2): 115-125, June 2015.
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    Unigeniture in an Uncertain World,
    with Nic Ziebarth,
    Cliometrica, 9: 139-166, May 2015.

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    Bias in Estimating Border and Distance-related Trade Costs: Insights from an Oligopoly Model,
    with A. Kerem Cosar and Felix Tintelnot,

    Economics Letters, 126: 147-149, January 2015.
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    Who Pays for Switching Costs?
    with Guy Arie,

    Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 12(4): 379-419, December 2014.
    Previously circulated as "Do Firms Compensate Switching Consumers?"
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    Discrete Games with Flexible Information Structures: An Application to Local Grocery Markets,
    RAND Journal of Economics, 45(2): 303-340, Summer 2014.
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    Wal-Mart and the Geography of Grocery Retailing, (and Appendix Tables),
    with Paul Ellickson,

    Journal of Urban Economics, 75: 1-14, May 2013.
    Previously circulated as "Density versus Differentiation: The Impact of Wal-Mart on the Grocery Industry."
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    Mobility and Mortgages: Evidence from the PSID,
    with N. Edward Coulson,

    Regional Science and Urban Economics, 43(1): 1-7, January 2013.
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    The Payoff to America from Globalisation,
    with Scott C. Bradford and Gary Clyde Hufbauer,

    World Economy, 29(7): 893-916, July 2006.


  • 444: Economics of the Corporation, syllabus
  • 512: Empirical Methods (with Mark Roberts) syllabus
  • 543: Industrial Organization (with Mark Roberts) syllabus
  • 597: Topics in Industrial Organization (with Peter Newberry)  


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