Working Papers

A dynamic structural model to illustrate how an input tariff reduction affects trading decisions and firm performance.

We measure how financial incentives of health care providers affect patients’ length of stay in long-term care facilities.
Accepted at American Economic Review, 2018

We show that the common Nash-in-Nash bargaining solution, while useful for estimation, can predict Nash overpricing. We then consider several alternatives.

A framework for analyzing spatial competition between retailers of different formats.
Revising for RAND Journal of Economics, 2017

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Brewed in North America: Mergers, Marginal Costs, and Efficiency.
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 59: 24-65, 2018

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What Drives Home Market Advantage?.
Journal of International Economics, 110: 135-150, 2018

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Productivity and Quality in Health Care: Evidence from the Dialysis Industry.
Review of Economic Studies, 84(3): 1071-1105, 2017

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Production Function Estimation with Unobserved Input Price Dispersion.
International Economic Review, 57(2): 665-690, 2016

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Borders, Geography, and Oligopoly: Evidence from the Wind Turbine Industry.
Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(3): 632-637, 2015

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