FORT 230 Fall 2004

Photo Reconnaissance Lab


As we have previously established, the aerial photos for this class were taken in the mid-1970ís. In todayís lab we will visit several locations on the photos to compare the vegetation now with how when they were photographed. At each stop we will take GPS waypoints or tracks to record our positions. Later we will download these points to look at our location over digitized and rectified aerial photos.


At each stop you will need to record information on the data table. Also, be prepared to take notes on what you see.


At the end you will need to write a lab report describing the procedure followed and your results. Some questions you need to consider are:


1. Use the seven principles of aerial photo interpretation (absolute and relative size, shape, shadow, tone or color, texture andpattern) to identify the various features in the photo.


2. Aerial photos can serve as a historical record of a forest standís development. Compare the vegetation on the photo with the reality on the ground.


3. Compare the photos and evidence on the ground to the digital aerial photos on the computers.

*    Open USA Photomaps on your USB drive.

*    Use the coordinates of the first waypoint if you need to open a new map document.

*    Download the proper aerial photos.

*    Download the waypoints from the GPS receiver.

*    Examine each scene (waypoint) at different scales (1, 2, 4, and 8 meters per pixel)

*    Activate the contour line viewer. How does having the contours on the photo help in analyzing the scene?


When I checked the Terraserver database, it indicated these photos were taken in April, 1994. How do they compare in a time sense and in the ability to identify features and forest cover types? Include your observations of each point in your report.


Write your impressions of these questions for each site we visit. In the lab report, also describe the procedure you used. Submit your report with the data sheet attached. You will also be graded on spelling, grammar, and presentation.




Aerial Photo Reconnaissance Lab Data Sheet






Name / Number


Zone and Band:

Present on Photos ?